Order From Delicious Cuppies

Template Makeover order By Kak Mimie from Delicious Cuppies. Kak Mimie choose pink and brown for theme color. Decoration with Cuppies. So fun drawing cuppies. but it takes a lot of patient and time. see the result. cute is it? ;p Background full with chocolate rice. make it look yummy...
Screen shoot for Delicious Cuppies's blog. Kindly visit it to see an animated Header live. :) First design also. Navbar also differ with template that i design before this. Since Kak Mimie want a different template from others so i need to think some idea of coding for this template.

a simple animated gif blog badge for Delicious Cuppies, Hope she will love it. a simple animated that I've learn from Kak Emila . Inspires from her Em's girl widget. Thanks kak emi...:) also apply for animated header. :)
Kak Mimie choose a wording watermark for her Delicious Cuppies with a cupcake on top of it..:)
a simple signature with love decoration.

Front look
Back Look
Business Card for Delicious Cuppies, My First business card design. Thanks kak mimie for believe in me to design it. and also to kak Emila for guiding me :). Temporary i just design and customer need to print it by them self. Maybe in future i will provide together with the printing service.

A twitter background for kak mimie. All is one set from blog, business card, untill twitter background. Also first time for me to design it.

Visit Delicious Cuppies to see a full view :)

Thank you kak Mimie for ordering a template makeover with me. Hope your business will always success...:)


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