Please read very carefully all of terms and conditions. I will not held responsible for anything you feel you did not know by not reading the below terms. By submitting your payment, I will consider that you are reading and agreeing with all below terms and conditions.
I hope the following terms will help us in working together and creating a great design that perfect for you.
Thank You for spending your time to read this terms. I really appreciate it.
I reserve the right to change or update all these terms at any time without any prior notice.

Getting Started
  • Look at the options and packages and kindly read How to Order for more understanding.
  • I will e-mail you right away with questions and the details for your design! A discussion will be held until confirm that I can design based on your draft/criteria.
  • If you need any additional services to match with your blog [i.e.: business card, twitter background etc]. Kindly inform me earlier in the discussion session.
Discussion Session
  • I prefer my client to communicate with me using Yahoo Massager in this session. 2-way communication makes our discussion more effective.
  • We will discuss about your template draft/criteria . So please send me your draft/criteria once you interest me to design a template for you.
  • Kindly send me a full and complete draft/criteria for your blog template design. If you 100% put on me to design. Just give a overall criteria, but there is NO draft adjustment. If you want to adjust I will charge an extra payment.
  • I accept payments with Bank - Maybank and CIMB [Malaysia] and PayPal [Worldwide]
  • For the price, All Malaysian Client follow RM price and International Client need to follow  USD price.
  • All amounts must be in Ringgit Malaysia [RM] or USD Dollar.
  • I always require a full payment before I design your order.
  • Once I Receive Payment, You name will put in waiting list and I will design by turn.
  • An invoice will be sent to you after your final approval and before installation of your blog. This will include any items you have ordered and beyond the package price, along with any extras charge during the design phase.
Waiting List
  • There are times when there will be a queue for template orders, so please be patient and wait for your turn.
  • The order of the queue will be based on who paid full payment first.
  • Turnaround period for each client will take around 4-5 days. Include all process of Design, Re-design, and Installation. For Others product it will take around 2-3 days.
  • Before you place your order, kindly ask me the current queue client [by this time I will not put a waiting list because of some reason]. This is how you can expect a first draft of your design by the day you submitting your order and criteria/draft.
  • If your design will be late for any reason, I will e-mail you.
  • All communication will be through by an email and/or Yahoo Messager.
  • During the design phase, I require that you constantly check your email to get any update, whether for question or a request from me.
  • I require a fast answer and action from you to guarantee that design prosess run smoothly.
  • If I did not receive any answer from you within 48 hours, your order will be placed at the bottom of the queue and I will immediately start on the next client in my waiting list. If you will be on vacation, or away from your computer, just let me know.
  • Once you’ve received your first draft, I require you will give a respond quickly with any changes, add-on or remove. and I will re-design quickly for you!
  • If I still did not hear any answer from you after 2 weeks, the draft and design will be deleted without a refund. 

Communication is important to make this a smooth and easy process for everyone. Please be sure to always check your Inbox and Spam. Please make sure my email do not go into your spam [by adding my email in your Contact List. Thank you!

Designer Credit
  • Whitey Mommy Design reserves the right to include attributing logos and/or links in design templates.
  • With all the template that I design, I will leave a single link Whitey Mommy Design at the bottom and inside the template. All links should be left intact, UNALTERED and NEVER removed, as it is one of the ways my new clients will find me and a credit for me as a designer.
  • You must leave the design credit there as long as my design/coding is on your blog
  • You may not claim the codes and all images that I design as your own, in short.
  • Removal of this link would mean violation of this agreement.
  • All Whitey Mommy’s designs are protected under copyright and are property of Whitey Mommy Design. All of the designs, including images and coding, may not be altered, shared, re-sell, re-published, distribute or copied without express any permission. You may add or edit gadgets, text, pictures, and posts on your blog.
  • All the illustration, image or logo, for template and others product [i.e: blog header, badge, watermark, etc] that I design may not used for other purpose [i.e : doll character cropped to use as a avatar in your social networking or others] . Kindly ask a permission before you do so. 
  • For printing purpose. Kindly ask me first before you do so. i will give you a high resolution picture for printing purpose. Certain amount will be charge for this.
  • You have 3 revision of drafts for your blog design! If you exceed, I will charge an extra payment [RM 50/USD 30] for template and for other product RM10 / USD 5. Once you get your first draft, try to keep all the changes in a single e-mail.
  • If error is from my side, it will be corrected free of charge and immediately, even after the code has been installed. So please let me know immediately once you find any errors.
  • Once you have CONFIRMED your final draft, suddenly you change your mind to add or to change any part of design in the template. I will charge an extra payment RM50 /USD 25.
  • After Installation, if there is any edits. Please let me know first before you make any changes. I will charge certain amount for the edits.
  • Draft of the product [i.e.: business card, blog badge, watermark, blog header, etc] may not be used until the final draft is approved.
  • Whitey Mommy Design is not responsible for the set up of a new widgets, pages, or extras in your blog sidebars or content area. But, if you want me to do so. Please let me know in the Discussion Session. After that , I will not entertain. For the widget that already have in your blog, i will arrange it neatly during the installation process.
  • You may NOT install any design elements yourself. Installation is included!
  • Whitey Mommy Design ensures that your blog template is compatible with the latest Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, and most others as well at the time of installation. If for some reason your browser changes or is updated, Whitey Mommy is not responsible for assuring exact compatibility, but will try to do so and place you in queue.
Single Blog URL Use
The template you ordered from me may not be reproduced for other URLs. If You wish to install the same template for other blog URLs. Kindly asking me for a permission and I will do an installation for you. And you will have to pay additional RM15/ USD10 per blog.

Back Up
I strongly suggest you to back up all the widgets and content for your blog. I will not responsible for any loss of entry or widget..

Refunds & Cancellation
After payment have been made there is NO refundable. Think wisely before you place an order. There will be no exceptions.

All emails and documents provided by the client will be treated as private and confidential between me and the client.

I will install your blog in 24 hours after you approved your template design and done the following matters :
  1. Backup you blog content [your current template and all of you blog entries and widget]
  2. Give me all links for your menu bar, social networking icons and RSS feed. [If you have order them.
  3. Go to "Settings" then "Permissions" then add whiteymommy@yahoo.com and invite me as admin. AFTER I accept that request, you will need to go BACK in and make me your blog administrator by clicking GRANT A PERMISSION.
  4. Give me any password/username/email to login your shout box because I will setting the color match with your blog.
  5. For Malaysia client who join Nuffnang. Kindly send me all the codes to set in your blog.
Copyright © 2010-2012 Whitey Mommy Design. All rights reserved
My artwork and design are copyrighted.
Kindly contact me at whiteymommy@yahoo.com for pricing.
You are not allowed to take any of my artwork and design without my permission!